BMS(battery management system)

In today's electrification era, the battery management system (Battery Management System, BMS) plays a crucial role. This article will detail various aspects of the battery management system.

1. Definition
A battery management system is an electronic system used to manage a battery pack by monitoring, evaluating and controlling the condition of the battery.
2. Function
Its functions include extending battery life, improving battery performance, ensuring battery safety, etc.
3. Working principle
BMS collects various parameters of the battery through sensors, such as voltage, current, temperature, etc., and analyzes and processes these data to achieve battery management.
4. Main functions
1. Power estimation: Accurately display the remaining power.
2. Balance management: Ensure that the status of each single battery is consistent.
3. Thermal management: Control battery operating temperature.
4. Fault diagnosis: discover and deal with faults in time.
5. Communication function: exchange information with other systems.
5. Application areas
1. Electric vehicles: Ensure the safety and performance of electric vehicles.
2. Energy storage system: Improve energy storage efficiency and reliability.
3. Consumer electronics: Extend the battery life of electronic devices.
6. Future development trends
1. Intelligent: Have stronger independent decision-making capabilities.
2. High accuracy: Improve the accuracy of power estimation and fault diagnosis.
3. Integration: closer integration with other systems.
4. Global optimization: achieve optimal battery management from the system level.
In short, the battery management system is one of the key technologies in the field of electrification. Its continuous development will promote the advancement of electrification technology and bring more convenience and sustainability to our lives.
The company's battery management system products have obvious features, such as (BMS 4S-30S)

MKBMS 4S-30S 20A Only Charge Battery Protect Board device is designed to reduce the risk of charging. Designed to be ultra-compact and simple to use without any configuration required. Features high charging current, balancing activity LED lights, overcharge, and over temperature protection .Extensive Used in electric bicycles, electric scooters, Onewheels and other fields.

MKBMS 4S-30S 20A Only Charge Board does not support discharge protection, please do not discharge through this protection board.

Type: Charge only
Cell Chemistry: Li-ion (3.7V nominal)
Balance method: Passive balance
4S-30S Series Count: 4-30S
Charge Current: 20A
Overcharge Voltage: 4.25V
Overcharge Reset: 4.19V
Balance: 4.2V
Overtemperature: 60°C
Overtemperature Reset: 40°C
Size: 130*30*11mm
Net weight: 30g


  • Compact charge only design
  • Cell balance indicator LED
  • Compatible with 4s-30s battery
  • Designed to be ultra-compact and simple to use without any configuration required
  • Anodized aluminum heatsink case, stable performance


  1. Balance function
  2. Overcharge protection
  3. Overtemperature protection
  4. Cell balance indicator LED
Common Uses:
▪ One-wheeled electric skateboards
▪ Electric Skateboards
▪ Electric Scooters
▪ Electric Bikes
▪ EUCs

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