ESC(speed controller)

In modern technology, ESC is an important component that plays a key role in many fields. This article will provide you with the relevant knowledge of ESCs, including definitions, working principles, application fields, and precautions when selecting and using them.
The application of ESC is very wide, the following are some common fields:
1. Drone: Control the motor of the drone to achieve flight control.
2. Remote control car: ensure flexible control of the vehicle.
3. Robot: Provide precise motor control for the movement of the robot.
4. Model ship: used for ship propulsion system.
4. Precautions for selection and use
5. During use, pay attention to the following points:
- Connect the power and signal cables correctly.
- Avoid overloading and overheating.
- Follow the instructions in the product manual.
- Regular inspection and maintenance.

Here is an example of our company’s ESC (12100 Brushless Electric Speed Controller 5-12S):

  1. Adopting 32-bit high-performance processor STM32G071, with a working frequency of up to 64MHz and maximum support 128KHz motor PWM frequency.
  2. Adopts high-power MOSFET, and combines with CNC metal radiator, this esc dissipates heat effectively under high current load and works stably & continuously.
  3. Supports multiple motion modes such as unidirectional, bidirectional, and braked motors.
  4. Supports multiple protections such as low voltage protection, temperature protection, locked rotor protection, and current protection.
  5. The ESC automatically detects the throttle signal when it is powered on, supports all Dshot signals, and also supports signal protocols such as PWM, Oneshot and Multishot.
  6. Visual programming parameter adjustment tool supports motor timing, throttle calibration, current detection, motor steering, telemetry signal and other settings.
  7. Onboard RGB LED color light settings, multiple LED colors can be customized.
  8. Widely used in model airplane plant protection machines, multi-rotor drones, RC model ships and cars.

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